Great crews may have men or women of exceptional talent or strength… but they have no stars. The team effort—the perfectly synchronized flow of muscle, oars, boat, and water; the single, whole, unified, and beautiful symphony that a crew in motion becomes—is all that matters. ”

~ Daniel James Brown, ‘The Boys in the Boat’

Patron  Sir Tim Wallis

Founding Trustees  Michael Sidey, Blennerhassett & Mick Hollyer

Architect  Alistair Madill Architects Ltd 

Engineer  Matt Williams, Batchelar McDougall Consulting

Construction  The Breen Construction Co Ltd 

Foundation Members


John & Marylin Barlow

John Charrington

Jaime & Anna-Kate Hutter

Roger & Sue Macassey

Ross & Joan Moon

Susan Templeton

Cameron & Jane Wilson

Nic Blennerhassett

Charlie & Mel Ewing

Mick & Prue Hollyer

Bob & Pam McRae

Michael & Kate Sidey

G A Thompson Family Trust

Yarrow South Charitable Trust

Challenge Wanaka

Ian & Marg Galloway

Infinity Investment Group Holdings Ltd

Richard & Di Somerville

Wanaka Rowing Club

Tom & Adrienne Rowley


Brian Anderson & Janet Malloch

The Breen Construction Co Ltd

Alex & Dorothy Dempster

Lynne & Ralph Fegan

Peter & Kirsty Hazledine

Murray & Carmel Hyndman

Andrew & Karen McLeod

Tom Pryde

Acton & Dinah Smith

Wanaka Lake Swimmers

Ross & Sue Black

John Caughey

Sir Eion & Jan Edgar

Sharyn & Kevin Gingell-Kent

Jeremy Haynes

Lethbridge Trust

John & Emily McRae

Jerry & Shirl Rowley

Nick & Carrie Wallis

Peter & Jane Wardell

Celia & Andrew Bowmar

Warren Conway

Alex Ford

Karl Hall

Mark Hervey

John & Greer McLean

OU Rowing Club

David & Annabel Sidey

Sir Tim & Prue Wallis


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