Can I book the Facility for an event?

Yes! If your event has a watersports basis, you can apply to hire the Facility.
Please get in touch with your request using the form below, or email the Facility Manager:  wanakawatersports@gmail.com

Is the Facility available to all lake users, or just the rowing, kayak and swimming clubs?

The Facility’s changing areas, showers, toilets, lockers, boat storage and exercise room are available to the public on a ‘user pays’ basis. Control of entry is via an access swipe fob. Click here to view the user charges.


Who can use the training room?

User clubs have been allocated the training room at designated times. Please check the booking calendar.  

At other times, registered users may use the training room and the exercise equipment.


Is the Facility staffed and/or monitored?

The Facility is not staffed, however our Facility Manager is available via the form above to answer your queries. 
The Facility has a CCTV system and motion sensors which activate when someone gains internal access without a swipe fob. The building is monitored by a security company.

Can the Facility be hired for a wedding, funeral or party?

Sorry no, our Resource Consent conditions limit the use of the Facility to activities relating to water sports only. 

What are the hours of operation?

The Facility is open between 5am and 11pm. The public toilets are managed by the Council and are open at the same times as other QLDC public toilets.

Is the building subject to flooding?

The facility is designed on two levels: the upper level being above the current recognised flood safety line, and the lower level (storage area for boats) designed so any water that enters the building will drain through the floor boards and not have a detrimental effect on the construction materials.
A grassy bund protects the building in the case of a massive flood and debris flow from Stoney Creek. 
The December 2019 flood peaked at around 1 metre below the boat storage level and 1.5 metres below the exercise room level.